Get Involved

If you believe in our goal and want to help us stop the Tories, there are a number of ways you can contribute.

Get Social

This is one of the very few times that simply sharing something on social media can make a difference. The more people who know about our site, the better chance we have of success. Please help spread the word by sharing our site online, and liking or sharing our posts.

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Share our images online and use the hashtag #TacticalVote (you can find many examples on our social media profiles).

If you want to share our message via email with friends and neighbours in your area just give them the URL to our home page:

If you are writing a story on tactical voting and would like to include the #TacticalVote widget in your article, then the widget code is: <iframe id="tacticalvote" type="text/html" width="100%" height="600" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>. This can safely be included on HTTP and HTTPS pages, as it relies solely on the postcode lookup rather than location searching.

Get off the internet

Display a tactical poster in your window (coming soon)

If you want to show support with a sticker, T-shirt, poster or sign in your window we've put together a few things:

Here is our logo if you'd like to make your own stickers/posters/etc.

Don't forget to share photos of your posters or badges with us on social media using the hashtag #VoteTactically

Tell friends and family to vote, and check that they do on the day!

Support your local candidate

Your local candidate needs your help. Even if you have never involved yourself in local politics before or your preference is for another party, if our goal of uniting against the Tories is important to you then you should consider helping the candidate of the party that has the best chance of beating the Tories.

The best way to help your local candidate will be either by donating to them, or volunteering time. Ways in which we recommend supporting your local candidate:

  • Donate to their local campaign fund
  • Volunteer to staff their phones
  • Volunteer to support their volunteers (many campaign offices have need of people to help just prepare materials or even make tea and snacks for tired volunteers)
  • Volunteer to distribute leaflets
  • Volunteer to canvas door-to-door

Simply go and help your candidate, if they win they'll be fighting to represent you and your neighbours in parliament and your support now is the one of the only things they ask in return.

If you are voting tactically for a party you would not usually support and still want to support your preferred party somehow, check which party is recommended in nearby constituencies and if one of them is from your party of choice, consider offering them your help.


We are not fundraising this year - we would suggest donating to Make Votes Matter instead who are campaigning for PR.

Join the movement

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