Tactical 2017

Did Tactical2017 affect any seat outcomes?

The data suggests that we did. Although the Conservatives increased their share of the vote in 2017, they won fewer seats overall and lost their majority in parliament.

According to the UK's Electoral Reform Society: "Despite Labour and the Conservatives gaining over 80% (82.4%) of the vote share between them, a look under the surface shows this was no return of two-party politics. Our research suggests that voters did not flock back to the two largest parties with enthusiasm. Millions of voters planned to vote tactically this election, with 20% saying they would be choosing the candidate that was most likely to beat the one they disliked. This is over double the proportion who said they would do so in 2015. Projecting this onto actual turnout would equate to nearly 6,500,000 people voting tactically."

Some seats were very close calls and the Conservatives lost by a margin of fewer than 50 votes. These same seats all received at least 2000 vews on Tactical2017.com in the run up to the election. Take Kensington for example: around 7800-15000 people used Tactical2017 to see the recommendation for that seat (Labour) and Labour won by just 20 votes. We are confident that if those 7800-15000 people hadn't used Tactical2017 then the Conservatives would have held on to it.

How the tactical voting sites lined up in 2017 where it mattered most - the key swing seats.

NOTE: Some of the blank seats have been coloured for ease of comparison - this does NOT indicate an endorsement from these sites. To be clear - blank spaces are NOT endorsements, no matter the colour.

ConstituencyTactical 2017Best For BritainProgessive Alliance (Compass)More UnitedThe GuardianStop The Tories
BathLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Berwick-upon-TweedLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and SelkirkSNPSNPSNP
Bolton WestLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Brecon and RadnorshireLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Brentford and IsleworthLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Brighton KemptownLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Bristol North WestLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Bury NorthLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Cardiff NorthLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
CheadleLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
CheltenhamLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Chingford and Woodford GreenLabourLabourLabourLabour
Chipping BarnetLabourLabourLabourLabour
City of ChesterLabourLabourLabourLabour
ColchesterLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Crewe and NantwichLabourLabourLabourLabour
Croydon CentralLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Derby NorthLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Ealing Central and ActonLabourLabourLabourLabour
East DevonIndependentIndependentTBC
EastbourneLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
EastleighLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Enfield NorthLabourLabourLabourLabour
Enfield, SouthgateLabourLabourLabourLabour
Finchley and Golders GreenLabourLabourLabourLabour
Halesowen and Rowley RegisLabourLabourLabourLabour
Harrow EastLabourLabourLabourLabour
Hazel GroveLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Ilford NorthLabourLabourLabourLabour
Kingston and SurbitonLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Lancaster and FleetwoodLabourLabourLabourLabour
LewesLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Morley and OutwoodLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
North CornwallLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
North DevonLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Northampton NorthLabourLabourLabourLabour
Norwich NorthLabourLabourLabourLabour
Oxford West and AbingdonLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Plymouth, Moor ViewLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Plymouth, Sutton and DevonportLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Portsmouth SouthLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Richmond ParkLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Rochester and StroodLabourLabourLabour
Somerton & FromeLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Southampton, ItchenLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
St Austell and NewquayLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
St IvesLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Stockton SouthLabourLabourLabourLabour
Sutton and CheamLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Taunton DeaneLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Thornbury and YateLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
TorbayLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
TwickenhamLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Vale of ClwydLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Warrington SouthLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Warwickshire NorthLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
Weaver ValeLabourLabourLabourLabourLabour
WellsLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Wirral WestLabourLabourLabourLabour
Wolverhampton South WestLabourLabourLabourLabour
YeovilLib DemLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem

How we performed in the 2017 General Election

At a glance:

  • Seats where we could have affected the outcome: 100% accuracy

  • Seats where we could not have affected the outcome: 89% accuracy

  • All seats: 565 correct
    69 incorrect (mostly safe Tory seats where tactical voting cannot change the outcome)
    16 no recommendation

(Correct means where we accurately predicted the party with the best chance of beating the Conservative candidate.)

The nature of safe seats makes it extremely unlikely that tactical voting can change the outcome. (in some safe seats it is even impossible)
Because of this we are unlikely to make a recommendation in the same way in these areas in the future.

2017 Recommendations

You can view all of our recommendations and their outcomes below.