Key Seats

Last Updated: 03/07/2024

How the tactical voting site line up in where it matters most - the key swing seats.

We've been asked a lot about other tactical voting sites, and how our recommendations may differ. We understand that tactical voting only works if we all vote the same way, so recommending different people on different sites can cause a big problem. We've looked into it, and in the seats that we think are the most vital, the tactical voting sites all lined up in every seat.


of these key seats have unanimous recommendations across the main sites.

This is enough to stop a Conservative majority, no matter which site you use.

Constituency Scroll this For Britain
Basildon and BillericayLabourLabourLabourLabour
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and SelkirkThe SNPThe SNPThe SNPThe SNP
Bexhill and BattleLabourLabourLabourLabour
Bicester and WoodstockLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Bognor Regis and LittlehamptonLabourLabourLabourLabour
Brecon, Radnor and Cwm TaweLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Bridlington and The WoldsLabourLabourLabourLabour
Brigg and ImminghamLabourLabourLabourLabour
Broadland and FakenhamLabourLabourLabourLabour
Bury St Edmunds and StowmarketLabourLabourLabourLabour
Chatham and AylesfordLabourLabourLabourLabour
ChelmsfordLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and TweeddaleThe SNPThe SNPThe SNPThe SNP
East WiltshireLabourLabourLabourLabour
Ely and East CambridgeshireLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Epping ForestLabourLabourLabourLabour
Farnham and BordonLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Faversham and Mid KentLabourLabourLabourLabour
Frome and East SomersetLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Goole and PocklingtonLabourLabourLabourLabour
Gordon and BuchanThe SNPThe SNPThe SNPThe SNP
Grantham and BourneLabourLabourLabourLabour
Hereford and South HerefordshireLabourLabourLabourLabour
Herne Bay and SandwichLabourLabourLabourLabour
Honiton and SidmouthLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Hornchurch and UpminsterLabourLabourLabourLabour
HorshamLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
MaidenheadLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Maidstone and MallingLabourLabourLabourLabour
Melksham and DevizesLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Melton and SystonLabourLabourLabourLabour
Meriden and Solihull EastLabourLabourLabourLabour
Mid BedfordshireLabourLabourLabourLabour
Mid Dorset and North PooleLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Mid NorfolkLabourLabourLabourLabour
Montgomeryshire and Glynd┼ÁrLabourLabourLabourLabour
North BedfordshireLabourLabourLabourLabour
North HerefordshireGreenGreenGreenGreen
North ShropshireLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
North West CambridgeshireLabourLabourLabourLabour
North West NorfolkLabourLabourLabourLabour
Old Bexley and SidcupLabourLabourLabourLabour
Romsey and Southampton NorthLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Ruislip, Northwood and PinnerLabourLabourLabourLabour
Sittingbourne and SheppeyLabourLabourLabourLabour
Skipton and RiponLabourLabourLabourLabour
South NorthamptonshireLabourLabourLabourLabour
South SuffolkLabourLabourLabourLabour
South West DevonLabourLabourLabourLabour
South West NorfolkLabourLabourLabourLabour
South West WiltshireLabourLabourLabourLabour
St Neots and Mid CambridgeshireLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Stone, Great Wyrley and PenkridgeLabourLabourLabourLabour
Stratford-on-AvonLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Suffolk CoastalLabourLabourLabourLabour
Surrey HeathLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Sutton ColdfieldLabourLabourLabourLabour
TewkesburyLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Tiverton and MineheadLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
TorbayLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Tunbridge WellsLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Waveney ValleyGreenGreenN/AGreen
West SuffolkLabourLabourLabourLabour
WitneyLib DemLib DemLib DemLib Dem
Wyre ForestLabourLabourLabourLabour

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