Tactical Accuracy

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How accurate were the tactical voting site recommendations in 2019?

Here are all of the recommendations from all of the tactical voting sites. If they advised voting for the candidate with the best chance of beating the Tories (or similar eg DUP) we have classed it as correct and if they have advised another candidate we have classed it as incorrect.

If a site made it clear tactical voting was not needed in a seat because it was safely progressive, and a progressive candidate won, we also considered it correct.

None of the sites made recommendations in every seat. This is either because it was a "safe seat" where tactical voting is not needed or effective, or more rarely, because it was too close to call.

Our accuracy was 99.5% making us the UK's most accurate tactical voting site.

Unfortunately the live comparison table is not working since recommendations have been updated so here is a screenshot of every seat, and every recommendation given and the overall accuracy of each site.